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Company Message

Company Message


12th June 2020: We are very happy to announce that we have a largish restock of the fantastic Claymore Castings Range heading to our shores. All codes on our site have been updated to reflect the incoming stock and ready for pre-ordering. We are also receiving the latest Hundred Year War French Flags from Flags of War. This great little edition to the range features 13 beautifully coloured flags. In addition there are 15 new English Hundred Year War Flags soon to be released on the Claymore Castings main website hopefully this weekend. I will have limited stocks of the flags, only two of each but there are plenty to choose from. 

Have a great weekend



22nd April 2020: Elite Miniatures are happy to announce that we will soon be stock the fantastic 1898 Miniaturas Spanish Tercios 1618 to1 1648 range. This great range has just been dispatched from Empress Miniature HQ in the UK and hopefully should be arriving in about 14 days...fingers crossed. Unfortunately I will only have limited stock to start as stock in hard to obtain from Spain and the UK. I will also have more restock for our WWI Mutton Chop Miniatures range, Indo-China and Vietnam ranges, WWII and the Anglo-Zulu War ranges. Again the arriving stock from the UK is only in a limited supply due to their current lockdown and restrictions. The new codes and restocks are up on our Elite Miniatures Australia site tonight and ready for pre-orders.

31st Mar 2020: Elite Miniatures Australia are pleased to announce that we have more new releases arriving from the Empress Miniatures in the next week or so....depending on how much airfreight has been restricted by the current situation. The new releases are some more of their fantastic Vietnam ranges, including two packs of the new Australians and many more. In addition we have a small restock arriving for Iron Duke Miniatures Indian Mutiny range, New Zealand Wars and buildings and the Vietnam range. I have loaded all the new codes on our site land the restock ready for pre-ordering. Unfortunately due to a dropping of the value of our dollar against the English pond, some prices have been raised. I am sorry for the inconvenience In addition please expect a small delay for the delivery due to the current situation across the globe.

29th Jan 2020: Elite Miniatures Australia is happy to announce we will soon have the latest releases from the Empress Miniatures Vietnam Range and their latest Modern Middle Eastern Civilians. I will also have a small restock coming in for a few of the other ranges. The new codes and restock are up on the site and ready for pre-orders.

4th November 2019: What a great way to start a new week....Elite Miniatures are happy to announce that we have a massive restock coming in plus all the latest and greatest new releases from Empress Miniatures and The Iron Duke Indian Mutiny Ranges arriving soon. All the new figures, codes and retstocks for the New Zealand Wars, Modern Combat, WWII have been placed up on the website ready for pre-orders. Happy shopping and have a great week.

26th Sep 2019: We are very happy to anounce that we will be having another shipment from Empress Miniatures arriving in the 10 days. Included in the parcel are the latest Vietnam NVA range, Vietnamese civilian wagon/carts, WWII Late War British and Modern Afghan a heaps of stocks. All new codes and restocks are up on the site and we are ready for pre-orders.

30th May 2019: We have the much anticipated new USMC NAM codes from Empress Miniatures arriving in the next few days plus a massive restock of all our ranges, including the Iron Duke Miniatures range. All the new codes and restocks have been uploaded onto the site and ready for pre-orders.

17th Apr 2019: We are happy to be receiving a restock of many of our out of stock codes from Empress Miniatures in the next few days, which include all the Mutton Chop ranges, Jazz Age Imperialism, WWII and Modern Ranges. We also have several new releases arriving, which includes the WWII Late War British Infantry, Female Insurgents/Freedom Fighter, Armed Civilians for the German Revolution, and the much awaited USMC for Vietnam. All the restocks and new codes are now up on the site ready for pre-orders.

14th Feb 2019: Elite Miniatures Australia has some more fantastic Empress Miniatures and Iron Duke Miniatures coming into stock shortly. All the latest releases from Empress are arriving in the next few days as well as a few restocks from the majority of our ranges. All restocks and new codes are up on the site ready for pre-orders. Unfortunately I have not placed the images up as yet however they will be up shortly.

11 Dec 2018:For my customers Elite Miniatures Australia will be closing from 18th Dec 2019 to 10th Jan 2019. I should be able to have any orders received by the 18th (non casting orders) in the mail on Friday 21st. Between these dates orders will be accepted however I will not be able to have them in the mail until the 11th Jan and casting orders a couple of days later. I am sorry for the inconvenience but please enjoy the Christmas break and your New Year celebrations.

4 Nov 2018: Elite Miniatures Australia are happy to announce we have some great new additions to our Elite Miniatures 1796 Range. The latest figures are French Revolutionary Infantry in helmets and can either represent the old Line Battalions or the volunteers. There are eight new codes and many of the codes have four different poses. Thsi will be our first release and we will hopefully received the volunteers moulds sometime in the next few months. This great little range is already up on our site ready for orders. Figures will be cast on demand and all codes have four figures in each.

13 Oct 2018: Elite Miniatures Australia have some great new additions to our current ranges coming into stock very shortly and also a small restock of some of our ranges (Insurgents, SAS, Anglo-Zulu War, Italian Conflicts etc).All the the new codes are up on the site ready for pre-ordering. Have a great weekend.

06 Sep 2018: Hello all Elite Miniatures will soon have a nice sized restock of our Modern Ranges as well as WWII German and Iron Duke Miniature ranges. With the new Elephants from Iron Duke and three new codes for the Late War Germans. All the new codes and restocks have been uploaded on the site and we are ready for any preorders.

05 July 2018: Hello all my faithful customers Elite Miniatures Australia will soon have some great new Empress Miniatures codes in stock and we also have a massive restock arriving coming in stock very shortly. All our new codes and restocks have been uploaded to the site ready for pre-ordering. We have new codes for the WWII ranges, Spanish Civil War and Modern Ranges.

01 April 2018: Happy Easter everyone and I hope you are all enjoying the break. I know I am. Too celebrate Elite Miniatures Australia has some great editions arriving from Empress Miniatures in the next couple of weeks. Some great banner and flags from Iron Duke, more Empress Moderns and WWII Germans and US Infantry, plus a restock of some of our ranges. All the new items are now listed on the site ready to make pre-orders. Additionally there has been a slight increase in prices for some ranges. An increase of $0.50 due to the weakening Aussie Dollar. I am sorry I had to do this but I must cover costs.

17 Feb 2018: We are happy to announce a swag of new releases from Empress Miniatures and The Iron Duke Miniatures will be arriving soon and a massive restock for our Modern Ranges. All the codes have been uploaded for pre-order sales. However Empress Miniatures in some codes were not able to supply my complete order some there is limited stock of some first in best dressed....I am sorry

09 Dec 2017: Hello again everyone just letting you know we have a restock of Claymore Miniatures and Empress Miniatures arriving hopefully just before Christmas. Additionally we have a large release of the new codes from Iron Duke Miniatures. All restocks and new codes will be listed on the site shortly, so pre-orders are most welcome.

04 Nov 2017: Hello again everyone just letting you know we will have a restock of figures arriving next week with additional new releases for WW2 Early War British and Late War Germans. Furthermore there are few more Modern US Army packs coming. The new restock and new codes are up listed on the site and we are ready for pre-orders.

19 Aug 2017: Hello all just letting you know we have a decent re-stock coming in shortly for our Modern, French Indo-China and Iron Duke Miniatures Ranges. In addition we also have a few new codes coming in for those ranges. All news additions are up on the site ready for pre-ordering.

17 June 17: Elite Miniatures Australia has a massive restock of all ranges arriving in the next two weeks. However as there are only a couple blisters per code arriving, so first in best dressed I am sorry. Additionally we will also have in stock all the latest 'Iron Duke Miniatures' cavalry and artillery crews, plus the latest WWII US Infantry packs from Empress Miniatures. All new and restocked codes have been updated onto the site ready for your pre-orders.

20 May 17: Elite Miniatures is about to receive a whole of of new stock of the latest releases from Empress Miniatures. We have new releases from WWII GI's, Zulu War, Italian Wars, Modern British and many more. Unfortunately we do not have many re-stocks coming in, only a few from the NZ Wars and Iron Duke ranges. All new codes have been upload and we are ready for pre-orders.

02 Mar 17: Elite Miniatures Australia will be receiving another restock of the fantastic Empress Miniatures ranges shortly. Additionally we will be receiving new stock for the Spanish Civil War and the new WWII US Infantry, which has just been released by Empress. The restock and new figure codes have just been up loaded for your pre-orders.

15 Jan 17: We have another massive restock arriving soon, which is mainly for our Anglo-Zulu, Iron Duke and Jazz Age Imperialism Ranges, however we also have a few more codes fro Tsuba Miniatures and the Cavalry codes for Empress Miniatures fantastic Spanish Civil War Range arriving as well. All new codes and restocks have just been updated on the site for pre-ordering.

5 Dec 16: We have another restock arriving soon, which means many of our codes will be restocked just in time for Christmas. We also have a number of new items arriving from Tsuba Miniatures, FNG Miniatures for the Indo-China conflict and a few more items into our terrain. New items and restocks have been listed and we are ready for pre-orders.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

26 October 16: We have two new codes for Claymore Castings arriving soon French Men At Arms OT47 and OT48. Both of the new codes have been added on the site and we are happy to accept preorders.

18 October 16: Arriving soon at massive restock on our Empress Miniatures ranges and a few other goodies that have been recently released by Empress in the UK. They figures will be arriving early next week and all the new codes are now uploaded on the Elite Miniatures site for pre-orders today. Remember I only have limited stock so first in best dressed as they say. In regards to the new modern vehicles I will only have one of each in stock.

17 Sep 16: That time is fast approaching again where I have to head back to PNG for my real job.... another for weeks away from home. I head off Wednesday next week and will not be returning until the 20th October. So last orders will have to be Tuesday morning so I can place them in the post for you.



Elite Miniatures Australia

07 Sep 16: We have a massive restock of all our 'out of stock' codes arriving in the next week including a restock of all the HUMVEE's and Toyota Technicals from our Modern Combat Range. In addition we have the new Italian Mortar crew and new horse holders for the Anglo-Zulu War ranges. Lastly I have decided to try out the excellent Tsuba Miniatures, however to start with I have just ordered two blisters of each code for the Freikorps Werdenfel and German Sailors, with hopefully ordering the Russo-Japanese range in the next month or so. All new codes and 'out of stock' lists have been updated shortly for pre-ordering.

23 July: To my customers the time has come around where I have to go back to the real world Only one week break this time, I am sorry, and I head off again on Tuesday morning for another four weeks away home...the old FIFO lifestyle. So if you have any orders please send them through by early Monday morning, 25 July, so that I can have them in the mail for you before I depart. If you are not too concern with the wait I will be returning on the 26th August when can cast or despatch your orders after that date.

Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience.

07 July: We have soon arriving the latest codes from Empress Miniatures, which include new Modern Russian, Modern SAS and numerous heads for the USMC and Modern Russians. We also have a massive restock of all Empress Miniatures codes coming in shortly. The website has been uploaded with the restock and new modern codes and we are ready for pre-orders. I also have another LAV-25, M1A1 and a T90 in stock. We would also like to mention that with the dropping of the British Pound our Empress Miniatures prices have also been reduced, so grab them while the last.

27 June: We have a great little restock coming in soon for the fantastic Claymore Casting Miniatures ranges, which includes their latest release OT46 French Men at Arms. They figures should arrive in the next few days. However due to Claymore Casting raising their prices in the UK I will unfortunately have to raise my prices as well. The price rise will take effect on the 16th July, with the standard infantry packs going to $13.00 and cavalry packs to $14.50. Sorry for the inconvenience.

17 June 2016: Hello everyone, well after another quick four weeks at home I am due to head off again for work,back to PNG, on the 22nd June (Wednesday next week), which means I will not be able to post any order while I am away. Fortunately I am only going away for three weeks this time so I will be home on the 15th July. However we will be happy to receive all orders but as mentioned there will be a delay in posting your order.

05 June 2016: We are proud to announce that after so many years Adventure Miniatures Australia has just released their first of hopefully many new packs. The two new blisters are for the 14th Regt. New York State Militia. The first code is for the command, consisting of 1 x officer, 2 x standard bearers, 1 x drummer and 2 x NCO figures. The second pack contains 6 x individual riflemen at the slope arms. Both new codes are listed on the site and we are ready for preorders.

12 May 2016: Hello everyone we have had a good sized restock of many of our products and some great additional codes for 'The Iron Duke Range' and 'Mutton Chop Miniatures'. There has also been the long awaited restock for our Claymore Casting range. The website has been uploaded with all restocks and additional codes, however I am still away from home until the 26th May. We are happy to take orders but there will be a delay in shipping your order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

21 April 2016: Gentlemen the time is getting closer when I have to head back to my real job. I head off again back to PNG on Wednesday 27th April and will not return until 26th May. Any orders made after the 26th will not be posted until the my return. Again I am sorry for the inconvenience.

04 Mar 2016: Regrettably I am heading off for work again this coming Tuesday for another four weeks (until 5th April). So last orders please by this Sunday so that I can send them off in the mail on Monday afternoon at the latest. No orders will be processed after Monday 7th March until I return. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

28 Feb 2016: Hello all, Elite Miniatures Australia has some more fantastic Empress Miniatures figures arriving in the next few days. All the latest new releases from our parent company in the UK will be uploaded on our site by hopefully tomorrow for anyone wishing to make a pre-order. The new ranges arriving are the latest 'Iron Duke' Indian Mutiny Range and also the new moderns. We also have a large restock coming in for those codes we are out of stock with. Then finally we have more flags arriving for the Iron Duke Indian Mutiny range for the Bengal Native Infantry.

01 February 2016: Hello everyone, first of all I would like to say thank you to our customers who have been waiting patiently for their orders to be posted. Well I will be home next week, on Tuesday, and will try my hardest to dispatch all the back orders no later then Wednesday 10th February. 

Second I would like to mention that we have a large restock arriving next week for our 'out of stock' ranges and lastly I have arriving the new Italians, which have recently been released by Empress Miniatures arriving ( I have included three armoured vehicles or light tanks with this order just top help the Italians a little on the gaming board. I will have three blisters available with each code. All the new codes and restock of figures have now been listed onto the site. Thank you all again for your patience and the inconvenience I have caused for the lateness of posting your orders.

01 January 2016: Hello everyone and Happy New Year. I have some bad news for you....I will be away from home for a little family holiday and work again from the 3rd January to 9th February 2016. Orders are still very welcome however there will be a delay for the delivery.....I will have to get work at home one day.

14 Nov 2015: Hello everyone, my daytime job is going to take me away for another month (16th Nov to 15 Dec), which means that orders will be delayed a little. My beautiful wife, Rebecca, will try to post your orders as soon as possible but it may take a few extra days. So please be patient. If you are ordering Napoleonics from the Elite Miniatures Range then I am sorry I will not be able to cast the order until I return. Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience.

08 Nov 2015: A new restock has arrived for our Empress Miniatures Moderns and Anglo-Zulu War. We are also happy to announce that we have now in stock the very nice Empress Miniatures 'Italy in Abyssinia' range.

27 Sep 2015: Our new Elite Miniatures Saxon Napoleonic 1810-1815 codes have just been uploaded on the site. Sorry no images as yet but once I return home I will cast the moulds and place them up as soon as I can.

25 Sep 2015: New codes are up for pre-ordering for our Claymore Casting (including new flags), FNG Indo-China Ranges (two new codes) and loads of re-stocks for our Modern Emperess Miniatures ranges. Orders will be shipped on the 2nd October.

11 Aug 2015: Elite Miniatures has some great new stock coming in soon, with pre-orders already to go..just expect a small delay in postage until they arrive. Our new stock includes ranges for The Iron Duke, Jazz Age Imperialism, Anglo-Zulu War. Then re-stocks for the modern vehicles and all the Modern ranges from Empress Miniatures.

01 June 2015: We are just about to receive a large restock on our Anglo-Zulu, Modern Russian, PLA ranges. Plus the Jazz Age Imperialism has expanded to include the arourmed car and other vehicles in the range. The figures are currently in transit however they will arrive in Australia mid next week. All preorders are very welcome but please expect a small delay for postage.

28 April 2015 - Elite Miniatures Australia are proud to announce that we will soon be stocking the very nice range of 'The Iron Duke', who's first range of figures concentrates on the Indian Mutiny.


The first items released will be 16 codes covering the five small battalions with which Brigadier General Henry Havelock set out to relieve Cawnpore and Lucknow, namely HM 64th, HM 84th, HM 78th Highlanders, 1st Madras Fusiliers ('Neill's Bluecaps') and the Ferezopore Regiment (Brasyer's Sikhs). We also have a number of other new figures coming from Mutton Chop Miniatures in regards to the four new blisters with Battalion Commands and Machine guns. Plus recoilless rifle teams for the Indo-Chine range and finally some heavy weapons for the Insurgents and Taliban. All will be arriving next week. Opportunity for pre-orders will be ready in the next day or so when I update the webpage.

10 Mar 2015 - We have just received a nice restock of Regiment Fire & Fury ACW rules and a restock of Empress Miniatures and essentially new codes for their great Anglo-Zulu War range.

31 Mar 2015 - Finally our re-stock of Claymore Castings Miniatures has finally arrived and are now back on the shelves. I have also regrettably had to increase the Empress Minatures ECW Infantry packs to $12.00 per pack due to the Australian dollar. We have will so be receiving another Empress re-stock shortly and I will be increasing the Zulu War British Range to cover all codes. So watch this space for the new packs.

30 Jan 2015 - Just letting you know our re-stock of Empress Miniatures Moderns is on the way. So all codes which were out of stock have now been filled. Please feel free to order and we will have your figures in the mail for you as soon as possible.

04 Jan 2015 - Hello everyone I hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Well here at Elite Miniatures Australia we were kept busy sending off loads of figures from our Empress Miniatures Modern Range. As a matter of fact our customers brought so many packs that we are now sold out of many codes. But not to fear I have placed another large restock order to Empress Miniatures today, which should arrive in Australia and on the shelves by the first week of February. However a little bad news also for those who have been enjoying the Claymore Casting Range, we stock. Unfortunately with the Aussie dollar a little weak against the British Pound I have to increase my retail cost on the blisters. The blisters will rise in cost by %10 so from $10.00 to $11.00 for the infantry packs. Still a little cheaper then in the UK. The price rise will not go into effect until 05 Feb 2015, in one months time.